Augusta Luise
Augusta Louise is mostly pink, but it does have some yellow undertones and becomes lighter as it opens. It is very fragrant and will freshen up an entire room as it opens into beautiful, large blooms. Sold with side shoots.

Baronesse is a darker more intense sister of Marietheresia. Blooms are delicate, medium sized, and  have a perfect cup opening reminiscent of  Old Garden Roses in Josephine's Bonaparte's Malmaison Rose collection. Great for vase work.
Caramel Antike
Caramel Antike is a vanilla color, lighter towards the edges and darker in the center. A romantic wedding rose, Caramel  has a large bulbous shape with a heavy petal count that opens round and has a slight fragrance. Great for vase work.
White O'Hara
White O'Hara  is a  large, French,  white rose, with a slight ivory tinge at the center, that opens up fully in a quartered way. It is very fragrant and wonderful for weddings and special events. It is hardy to ship and its vase life is extraordary. A perfect white garden rose!
Marietheresia  is the  medium pink sister of Baronesse. They both have the same perfectly round and cup shaped opening, have a respectable vase life and open virtually flat. The fragrance is very slight, but the nostalgic shape makes up for it. Great for vase work.
Piano  is a medium sized, dark red on the outside, with lighter reds on the inside. It opens beautifully into a perfect deep cup and lasts a long time in the vase. Emits a low fragrance, and looks great in vase work. Certainly a special red rose.Sold with side shoots.
Sunset:  is mostly orange, but has some definite pink, red and yellow undertones as it opens. It is a large head with a wavy pattern of petals that will outlast a hybrid tea in a vase as well as open fully. Terrific for vase work!
Toulouse Lautrec
Toulouse Lautrec:  is a large, yellow, French variety that has a very strong fragrance. It will open completely in the vase, albeit too quickly, but will stay for 5-7 days. It will open with a deep circular cup.
Yves Piaget
Yves Piaget was named after the famous French jewelry designer. It is a peony looking, large headed rose with an incredibly strong fragrance.. It will perform in a vase rather quickly and will make a striking impression.
Wanted: This elegant variety, also known as "Hearts",   has a large head with wavy center. It will open to 60% and has a terrific vase life. It is great for vase work and for that romantic that wants to give his lover a different kind of red rose.
Nostalgic Garden Roses
Also known as "Rachel" in the UK
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Alabaster is a new white from Germany. It is from the Floribunda family of roses, has a good fragrance, opens perfectly flat with a rosette shape and lasts a good time in the vase. Finally a great white variety with a fragrance for both events and vase work!
Pink Piano
Pink Piano is a sport of Piano and has the same round deep cup shape. Its color is striking as a medium  "strawberries and cream" pink. It will outlast many hybrid tea roses in a vase so is great for every day work. Sold with side shoots.
Vitality: is one of our most fragrant roses and is also white! After years of searching for a fragrant white garden rose, we found it in Vitality. It opens all the way, lasts 7 days in a vase, and has a lovely ivory tinge to the color. Petals are ruffled giving this rose a unique look.
Voyage:  is a brand new, light pink  variety that has a large, cabbagy head that opens fully, a slight fragrance, excellent vase life and great side shoots. Would make a beautiful bridal bouquet as awell as a striking vase arrangement.
Romantic Antike:  is a huge cabbage shaped dirty pink rose with some fragrance. It is the genetic sister of Caramel Antike . It looks like the cabbage roses of old dutch master;s paintings! Romantic has a great vase life and is terrific for vase work because of the size!
Romantic Antike
Fiction  is a medium sized yellow and red Bicolor rose whose main feature besides the striking contrasting colors is its side shoots. These will open up slightly in the vse but help fill spaces very effectively
O'Hara  is a  light pink rose from France that has 4 hearts in the center and is incredibly fragrant. It will open up in the vase all the way and has a tremendouse vase life. It will add texture and fragrance to any vase work! It is also a perfect bridal pink for weddings.

Pink O'Hara
Additional varietes found in assorted boxes:
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SAF Outstanding Varieties Competition Ribbon Winners:
Caramel Antike
Red Ribbon
Free Spirit
Best in Show
Red Ribbon
Prince Jardeniere
Red Ribbon
Super Green
Red Ribbon
Yves Piaget
Blue Ribbon
Wanted / AKA Hearts
Red Ribbon
Pink Piano
Red Ribbon
Red Piano
Proflora Innovation Award
Red Ribbon
Lemon Pompom
Red Ribbon 2011
Best Impression
Red Ribbon 2011
Bridal Piano
Lemon Pompom
Free Spirit
A Rego Park Ltd Company
Red Ribbon
Precious Moments
Red Ribbon